Puppy Delivery Terms!​


We offer shipping anywhere in the continental Canada and United States as well as International. We will work with you on scheduling and make the arrangements for your puppy to be shipped to the local airport of your choice as well as Home delivery. Our Airlines have a Pet Safe Program and have always taken great care of these babies. The shipping cost is $200.00 excluded from the price of the puppy at $500.00. So you are paying a total of $700.00 to get the puppy delivered if you are located in the USA and Canada only to your home address. International flight rates to other countries do apply. This includes the crate, Vet health checkup, Full AKC registration for your new pet. We try to ship all our babies with our Airlines. We have a program that is superior to any other. We have been doing this for over 10years and we can guarantee shipping is 100% safe.


Air Nanny: An air Nanny is a person you can pay to travel in-cabin with your puppy. This person holds your pet throughout the flight. The only air nanny I know works on standby, they generally charge a flat rate of $400.00 for their fee. We only know one air Nanny that we trust our puppies with and. All payments owed must be complete before the puppy can leave with air Nanny. Air Nanny will not take any payments from you for me, the only payment she asks from you is for her travel fee. And some airlines do ask for a refundable insurance fee for the puppy as well as a crate. These sometimes brings a lot of stress between us and our buyers, but not always. All fees shall be refunded in cash if this is an option that is required.

Sales Policies and Refund!​


We do not sell to any puppy mills, puppy dealers, pet co-ops, pet stores or puppy brokers.


We do not believe in cross breeding.


We try to make sure our puppies are going to proper homes for their size and needs.


I accept all types of credit or debit cards, CashApp, bank deposit through Zelle. Zelle is a secure service and anyone can sign up with Zelle if they have an email address or Phone number.


All puppies cannot be shipped or picked up until your payment clears and delivery is usually done within 24 hours or immediately at our address.


All Puppies that we accept deposits on must be paid for in full by the time they are 20 weeks old!


We have the right to change our minds about selling a puppy to anyone.


If this should happen all money that has been received by us will be returned to the buyer.


We do not guarantee size on the puppies. We are not God! Deposits are non-refundable!


If you change your mind about the puppy the deposit will be held and can be applied to another puppy within a 1year period.

All payments made after the flight or picked up the puppy are non-refundable. 

We offer a one-year health guarantee to all our puppies.

​I'm a title.

How Safe is delivery!​


I get asked a lot if airline shipping is safe for pets. After over 10 years of experience shipping by air cargo and much research, I have come to the conclusion yes shipping a pet is generally safe. In fact, since the new FFA animal regulations started in 2000 there are fewer animals reported hurt than humans on flights. I took a look at the online consumer complaint reports on transportation.gov… here you will see complaints of all kinds from plane delays to someone stubbing their finger on a baggage conveyor. Just taking US flight complaints from Jan to March 2017 you will find over 3700 US airline complaints and 0 were animal complaints if I read it correctly. When there is an animal complaint many are not puppies but animals such as geckos, fish, and such. If you look hard enough online you will find horror stories of something bad happening to a personal pet in cargo but you have to consider the thousands of pets that fly every day without any issues at all. We live in an imperfect world so something bad can happen no matter how cautious the transporters are so if you want a 100% assurance your pet will be safe you should plan on picking up your pup in person.


Now is airplane transport traumatizing to a pet? I can say in all my experience shipping by air cargo I can not recall a puppy buyer contacting me after receiving their pup stating the pup was absolutely traumatized from the trip. A pup might be a tad hesitant or shy from seeing new people, sites, and sounds, but never hurt or traumatized. In general, a young pup is easier going and has a natural submissive nature due to its young age which helps protect it against this kind of stress. A pup might show some signs of stress from the change in environment but a young pup should not be traumatized by a flight. Now of coarse accidents do happen from time to time but I can say in over 20 yrs I haven’t had any negative things such as injury or death happen to any of the pups I have shipped.


Some adult dogs can get more stressed than a young puppy and many adults may even need a sedative such as Benadryl to fly, so I would suggest ground transport or in-cabin transport if going by plane with an anxious adult dog. If you want airline insurance put on your puppy so that you are reimbursed in case of airline negligence that causes injury or death then please add $1,500.00 of insurance wanted, some airlines require this fee as its refundable upon delivery of the puppy as well as they require a refundable crate fee of up to $800.00 to board the puppy, disregarding our normal crate we issue them. This is not included in the shipping fee so if you want this protection you will need to let me know or we shall let you know once we get to the airlines in charge of delivery and add it to puppy add on fees so I can pay for the insurance when I book the flight.


Ground transport: is not my first choice for a young puppy because in my opinion, it is much less stress on a pup to be shipped in half a day by plane than to be stuck in a vehicle for days. Not to mention ground transports just like airlines will have a few other pets also in their transport and that means more time exposed to whatever sickness a strange dog might have. There are times and situations when I have needed a ground transport and I have never had a bad experience or a pup come up sick I sent out on ground transport. A time I might use ground transport is when weather is too harsh to ship by airplane or in older larger puppies. Ground shipping varies in cost but is generally around $150.00 to $200.00.


We actively ship to many States! Please Contact Us to find out if we can ship to your State (or Country).


All our puppies come with a "One Year" Health Guarantee. Yes we are confident bet on their health.


Don't like the puppy delivered to you? We will return all payments 100%. Oh! No one has ever "NOT" liked any of our puppies. If not what you ordered.

Name : Plato

Sex: Male

Plato is an adorable Poodle. This little boy is a sweetheart.

Name : Simba (Maltipoo)

Sex: Male

Simba thoroughly enjoys being a spoiled pup and is always happy

Name : Pirlo

Sex: Male

Pirlo is a tiny toy Poodle. He is such a sweet boy.

Name : Emi

Sex: Female

Emi is a precious girl with an amazing color and temperament! 

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